Taken on a Photo Club excursion to Little Tokyo.
Taken on a Photo Club excursion to Little Tokyo.

Hi there. My name’s Trevor Sochocki, and I’m first and foremost a student at USC Annenberg, Class of 2020. I love playing music way too loud, traveling all around the world, taking photos of everything and everyone, and being a journalist.

I am from San Jose, California, but I love living and working in Los Angeles, and I have so much school spirit. My friends from high school make fun of me too much for always throwing up a “Fight On!” wherever I go, but I typically ignore them, because I know that I get to come back to a new group of friends that thinks exactly like me.

Just like this site, I’m not quite sure where I’m headed exactly, because I want to travel the world and do whatever I want (see: Casey Neistat), but I also want to make videos and take photos of famous people and places, and at the same time I dream of anchoring a nightly news show. So we’ll see. Stay tuned.